Neuroweapon - Any weaponized method or tool that acts upon the nervous system, to influence or change the attitudes, feelings, thoughts, or behaviors of others.

The Matrix Deciphered

By Dr. Robert Duncan - Havard graduate and former DOD contractor 

This report details the best civilian knowledge about the US government’s latest research into neurological weapons. It is a timely critique on America’s current political plight. And it contains testimony from a Harvard graduate and former department of defense scientist who was tortured for a year by the CIA using the same system that was used on Saddam Hussein in 1992. This is a full disclosure of the long running random human weapons testing conducted on worldwide citizens for advancing the killing capability of this very secret weapons system and the methods used to cover it up.

The Classified Weapons Destroying America

Neuroweapons are the largest threat to national security and public safety in the world. They are rarely discussed in mainstream media and are relatively unknown to the general public. Thousands of people all over the world have become victims of these weapons. The U.S. Intelligence Community researched and designed the weapons to completely control a person's nervous system remotely. That means they can influence your personal decisions, control your movement, modify your speech, alter your behavior, and even kill you without leaving a trace. The human body does not have a built-in defense against these attacks.  

To accomplish this they subjected thousands of people to experimentation and torture which is still ongoing. The technology uses energy which is not in the visible spectrum to manipulate the nervous system. This covert energy is leveraged as the communication mechanism for a bi-directional machine to brain interface.

Proof human movement can be non-invasively controlled 

In August 2013 Dr. Rajesh Rao and Dr. Andrea Stocco demonstrated the ability to communicate between two brains. This proof of concept showed that it is possible to control the movement of a human being from another's brain using non-invasive stimulation. Understand that this technology uses a TMS coil right next to the brain but the energy that stimulates the brain can be delivered from much further away and no headset is required. See the following patent US3951134A for proof that brain waves can be altered remotely. Classified neuroweapons also have the ability to control fine motor skill. 

The following excerpt taken from a PLOS ONE research article describes the search procedure used to identify the part of the brain which controls the extensor carpi radialis that extends the wrist:

"The participant was asked to wear a tight-fitting swim cap, where the location of the inion and the vertex were identified using the 10–20 system procedure . A 4×4 grid of dots were marked on the upper left region of the vertex, each dot placed at a distance of 1 cm from its neighbors. Each dot location was then stimulated in sequence, using a single pulse delivered by a 90 mm MagStim circle coil connected to a Super Rapid2 magnetic stimulator (MagStim, UK). This search procedure continued until an ideal position was found to stimulate the motor region that controls the extensor carpi radialis. Notice that, because this muscle extends the wrist, it produces an upward movement of the hand."

A diagram of the communication between the sender and receiver in the brain to brain interface.

Why are remote neuroweapons difficult to detect?

Remote brain-computer interface neuroweapons (RBCIN) were designed by the Intelligence Community to be used in warfare. These weapons are intended to be covert and most people do not even realize when they are victims. The military can use remote neuroweapons to change the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of an adversary causing them to make a mistake without their knowledge. The same can be done to everyday civilians to control their decision making regarding a political event. 

With that in mind, remember that even if you notice yourself being manipulated, reverse engineering covert military technology is extremely difficult. Even some opposing military intelligence agencies with large budgets cannot accomplish the task. 

Understand this technology requires knowledge of electromagnetism which is one potential communication mechanism used by RBCINs. Energy outside of the visible light spectrum cannot be seen or sensed. If it is used to communicate with your nervous system the human body does not have a natural defense or detection system.


This video from NASA Science describes the electromagnetic spectrum. It explains that energy outside the visible light spectrum cannot be seen but still interacts with our bodies everyday.


There are currently no known protocols for medical facilities or law enforcement to use when a victim reports that they are being attacked by an electromagnetic neuroweapon. There are also no shielded locations to stop neurological attacks caused by remote energy interacting with the nervous system. The solution is to design a protocol to stop and detect these attacks.

1. Shield The Victim From Harmful Energy

Remote BCI neuroweapons use energy to manipulate the nervous system. Shielding is a way to attenuate the energy and prevent it from affecting the victim. Different frequencies and energy types penetrate various shielding materials. It is important to block as much energy as possible to minimize or eliminate the neuroweapon attack all together. 

2. Detect The Energy Still Present Around The Victim's Body

Energy leaking into an exam room can cause harmful effects to the victim. Without a completely shielded location, all energy that interacts with the victim's body must be acquired and logged. This data can then be analyzed and mapped to symptoms the victim is suffering from. Remember, if the shielding is not perfect both the patient and physician will be at risk for continuous neuroweapon attacks and the results of the exam will be compromised. Also, energy manipulating the nervous system can be turned off by the perpetrator during an exam so don't assume the patient was not a victim if no energy is detected.

3. Determine If The Energy Detected Is Affecting The Victim's Body

Victim's suffer from a number of different symptoms when being attacked by a neuroweapon. Some are subtle while others are obvious. Symptoms include but are not limited to dizziness, headache, pain, memory blocking, irritability, confusion, involuntary speech, involuntary movement, irregular heart rhythm, shortness of breath, and increased urination. Each symptom can potentially be mapped to particular frequencies when analyzing the data. If energy that was logged is found to be causing a symptom the victim must be immediately moved to a shielded location that stops the attack.

4. Non-invasively Examine The Brain And Body

Today's medicine offers many tools to non-invasively examine the brain. PET, MRI, and CT scans are available to visualize the structure of the brain. The function can be tested in a variety of ways. 

5. Provide The Victim Healing Tools

After a neuroweapon attack the victim can be left severely mentally disabled. There are a range of different long term effects that can be present many of which are not yet known.

6. Supply An Outpatient Detection System if Required

In the event no energy is detected during the initial exam but an attack is suspected, an outpatient device can be worn to detect any future attacks. A device can also be worn in the event a neuroweapon attack is detected to provide evidence of future attacks.

How To Help

It is extremely important to do everything you can to help prevent the loss of freedom of thought. This is your freewill and for many it has already been taken away. Do not ignore an opportunity to stop innocent people from being tortured and saving your own future.

Vote for individuals willing to stop neuroweapon attacks

Never vote for a member of congress, president, city council, sheriff, judge, or anyone else for that matter that will not acknowledge neuroweapon attacks. It is critical you vote to put people in power with the education required to protect our civil liberties.

Support banning animal experimentation

Science is attracting some of the most sociopathic people in the world. Anyone with the willingness to torture an animal to find out something they want to know has a problem. By using living animals for experimentation a scientist is learning a behavior that is unacceptable in society. Many of these people go on to work on projects which harm human beings. Always support to ban the use of animals for experimentation.

Contact Neuroweapon Forensics or Congress

The more people who show an interest in stopping these attacks the better chance there will be. It is important to not be afraid of speaking against the U.S. Intelligence Community's crimes. This is our country and we need to protect it from criminals. Remember people in the Intelligence Community are people. If they committed crimes they need to go to prison and should not be employed by the United States of America. Our tax money needs to be spent on something other than their salaries.

Inform police and active duty military

If you happen to know anyone in law enforcement or active duty military personnel let them know about what is happening. Many police officers and military personnel have already been victimized by these attacks and don't even know. They need to know that the Intelligence Community currently employs criminals. 

Help with a legal case

If you are or know an attorney do not hesitate to contact neuroweapon forensics. Too few attorneys are doing what needs to be done to protect civil liberties.

Help design a protocol to prove the truth

If you are a scientist, engineer, or medical doctor help design the devices that will provide the evidence needed to stop these attacks. If you know of any let them know they are in need.


For more information or to help create these protocols and save our country please contact neuroweapon forensics.

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