Forensic Protocol

This protocol is currently a work in progress.

Before beginning note that when a neurological weapon attack controls the nervous system, a victim would have to be rescued using an autonomous shielding system that responded to evidence of an attack. A victim without the ability to control their own nervous system may not be able to call for help nor would the first responders be able to help them if the responders became victims. It is always the best case scenario to eliminate the attack in progress by providing sufficient shielding.  


In order to effectively run a protocol that will detect a long-range neurological weapon attack in progress you must have the correct knowledge so you are able to prove the truth. Any protocol that is designed to determine the effect that a certain variable has on the system under test must start by isolating the system from external influence. For example, if a test is designed to understand how a 100 MHz electromagnetic wave interacts with the human nervous system all other frequencies need to be blocked from interacting with the subject's body before the test can be performed. In the case of obtaining evidence that a neurological weapon is influencing the nervous system, the nervous system would be considered the system under test. The summation or cumulation of all frequencies interacting with the nervous system at any point in time are responsible for the observed effect on the system. Controlling which frequencies interact with the body at a particular time will lead to the identification of frequencies that are causing neurological attacks. Remember that symptoms might be caused by the combination of multiple frequencies. The following areas must be understood at a basic level before you can effectively run the protocol:

  1. The Nervous System
  2. Properties of Energy
  3. Stimulation of the Nervous System
  4. Radar Systems
  5. Data Acquisition
  6. Data Analysis
  7. Shielding
  8. Signal Generation

Defining which types of energy sources will be tested

The most obvious energy types used by long-range neurological weapons are electromagnetic and sound energy. Beyond that there are theoretical communication mechanisms such as scalar or zero-point energy which are beyond the scope of this protocol but will be discussed briefly for completeness. When working on issues dealing with national security it is important to consider all cutting-edge and even theoretical communication mechanisms because of the attackers desire for covert or stealth deployment. 

Electromagnetic Energy

Electromagnetic energy is visible between the frequencies 428 THz - 790 THz. All other electromagnetic energy is not visible to the human eye. Covert and stealth neurological weapon attacks would be most likely to occur in the range from 0 Hz - 428 THz. Above 790 THz is ionizing radiation which are electromagnetic waves that have enough energy to ionize atoms by removing electrons. Although it is possible a neurological attack is performed above 790 THz it is unlikely because it will cause a range of other health problems including cancer. Attacks that use ionizing radiation are designed to slowly kill the victim not to manipulate the nervous system.

Sound Energy

The disturbance of matter causes an outward transfer of energy into the surrounding matter.  An example of this would be a speaker vibrating and causing air molecules to compress together which produces sound. Humans can hear between 20 Hz - 20000 Hz but sound energy can occur at higher or lower frequencies. With a high enough amplitude sound energy outside the human hearing range can cause damage to the central nervous system. It can also be used as a communication mechanism to manipulate the nervous system.

Selecting the equipment

Although less sophisticated attacks may be detected using a simple handheld device when more advance long-range weapons are used it requires expensive equipment to obtain the proper evidence that the attack is taking place. All of the equipment below will be beneficial to identifying the signals that are causing the symptoms a victim is suffering from. 

Shielded Room

It is important to consider using a shielded location with a superconductor.

Selecting a shielded room that blocks both electromagnetic and sound energy is extremely important. You can find information on the shielding a room provides by asking for an attenuation chart or shielding effectiveness. Ideally you need to select a shielded room with over 100 dB of shielding effectiveness for frequencies between 0 Hz - 790 THz. This means that the signal will be 100,000 times weaker upon entering the room. If a signal still leaks into a room with 100 dB attenuation, the signal's amplitude outside of the shielded room would need to be extremely high. A signal with a high amplitude is much easier to detect. 

One theory of turning the body into an emitter is by using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). Earth has a special low field NMR called earth's field NMR. The earth's magnetic field bathes your body in around 25 to 65 μT depending on your location. When a weak oscillating magnetic field is sent at a person, the atoms in your body would respond by producing an electromagnetic signal at the intrinsic frequency of the nuclei of the atoms. Therefore it is important to use a shielded room that allows you to obtain zero field NMR or in other words a room that blocks all magnetic fields including earth's magnetic field.

Above is an example of shielding effectiveness values that you will see when selecting a shielded room. These values will be listed for a number of chosen test frequencies. The chart shows shielding effectiveness is a logarithmic function and the attenuation ratio increases by a power of 10 for every 20 dB of shielding. Remember that your target value is 100 dB of shielding effectiveness for all frequencies in question.

The inside of the shielded room you select should be lined with absorbers which prevent reflections turning the room into an anechoic chamber. This is beneficial when running tests and keeps RF waves from bouncing off the walls.

Examine the latches and observe any empty space around the closed door. You should prefer a three-latch door to provide better shielding. Also examine the corners of the shielded enclosure and test them for any leaks.

If you build your own shielded enclosure with airtight seals do not forget oxygen. You can run out of oxygen in a shielded enclosure so do not fall asleep.

Custom Acquisition System

To acquire the data necessary to properly assess a neurological weapon attack, a 360 degree profile of the victim must be completed. This should include the bio-metric measurements of the person's body. These measurements will then be used in combination with the acquired data points in a custom simulated software system to understand the effects of the energy. When acquiring the energy, rather than just using an antenna, the acquisition system must be designed in a way that it is able to log the location of each electromagnetic wave's impact on the victim's body as well as the specific time it impacted the body. The amplitude and frequency of the wave is also required information. 

Custom Software

Custom software is required to analyze all of the data that is acquired around a victim's body. The data should consist of a timestamp, the location of the energy's impact on the body, the energy's frequency, and amplitude. The victim's biometric profile must be entered into the software system and calculations must be run to determine where inside the body the energy penetrated. Certain frequencies can penetrate into brain tissue and when combined with other frequencies reach an envelope frequency that is able to stimulate neurons. This is called temporal interference. The software should be able to determine how the logged frequencies impact a specific individual.


An alternative but less effective method for data acquisition is an antenna used in combination with a spectrum analyzer. In order to acquire different frequency ranges various antennas will be needed. It is important to understand that if you are a victim of directed energy the position of the antenna is very important. If the neurological attack is caused by radiated energy then the position of the antenna is not as important but may acquire a better signal if positioned correctly.

Spectrum Analyzer

A spectrum analyzer gives a broad view of all of the signals or frequencies in a particular area. It shows us information in the frequency domain with the y-axis being used for amplitude. Since our target frequencies are between 0 Hz - 790 THz we need to take this into consideration when selecting an analyzer. At this time commercially available spectrum analyzers will not acquire the majority of the terahertz spectrum. These frequencies generally have propagation issues making them difficult to use as a communication frequency. This is known as "the terahertz gap". However the U.S. Air Force awarded an organization over $800,000 in a multiphase project to build a terahertz spectrum analyzer back in 2011 - 2012 and the DOD now most certainly possesses the technology. 

Although there are many terahertz spectrum analyzers in development, I have not seen one commercially available at this time. That means the best that can be done is to use a wave guide/reflector plate with a preselected external mixer or antenna attachment to acquire the 110 GHz - 325 GHz range. Although it is unlikely that terahertz frequencies are being used by long-range neurological weapons because of their propagation issues, it is important to consider that a 1990 study done by Jeremy Smith showed that the protein myoglobin vibrated between .45 THz - .6 THz. Terahertz medicine is focusing on frequencies between .3 THz - 3 THz because of their ability to interact with molecular resonance in the body. 

The chart shows the attenuation for various frequencies at sea level due to rain. This can give us insight into the frequencies better suited for long-range weapons. Remember weapons are built to be used in warfare and IC personnel would not accept a weapon that fails to function when it rains. Therefore it is important to understand how atmospheric conditions can attenuate certain frequencies. I am not suggesting to completely ignore these frequencies rather just to understand their limitations.

Storage and Processing Power

An extremely large amount of storage and processing power may be required depending upon what frequency the neurological weapon is using. The terahertz range can reach 10^14 or 100 trillion data points per second. That means to analyze a single frequency that high allowing a 24-bit resolution to store the amplitude of the signal at each cycle and an 8-bit position you would need a 400 TB hard drive for a single second of data. You need to acquire at least 10 - 20 seconds of data to positively identify and reproduce the attack. Understand that the sampling rate of the data has to be at least twice the frequency being sampled to see if the value changed which is not even possible on a regular computer system for frequencies in the terahertz range. In order to limit the amount of storage needed it would be ideal to block all frequencies above a certain limit. For example using a shielded room that blocks all frequencies above 10,000 Hz would significantly reduce the size of storage. If symptoms were present in those conditions it would likely indicate the attacks were caused by frequencies under 10,000 Hz. 

Signal Generator

A signal generator can be a great tool to use for proving the truth of the effect a single frequency or combination of frequencies has on the body. The frequency or combination of frequencies that were acquired by the spectrum analyzer during a neurological weapon attack can be replayed inside a shielded room. The shielded room used for this test needs to block the frequencies initially acquired so a different room should be used if the frequencies leaked in during acquisition.  A researcher can tell the subject to mark the time they feel a particular symptom. The researcher can then chose when to replay the harmful signal without telling the subject. If the subject marks down that the symptom occurred when the researcher generated the signal, it is evidence the signal caused the attack. This should only be done if the initial attack was manageable and this can be harmful to the body so it should not be repeated many times. 

Running the Protocol

When running the neurological weapon forensics protocol to obtain evidence of a neurological attack you must test all of the equipment to make sure it is in good working order. Also be aware that the equipment can be tampered with during the test. At this time signal acquisition equipment is not shielded and can easily be compromised which will affect the results of a test. This is yet another limitation of the equipment that is available to the public which can leave victims without evidence. 

Testing the Shielded Room and Other Equipment

Never assume a room is actually shielded just because someone tells you that it is. That is not the way science works. If you are running a scientific protocol you must prove the truth or the results of the test could be worthless. Remember the rule that was stated before, always isolate the system under test from external influence. In this case the system under test is the shielded room. This means the best way to test a shielded room is in a shielded room that has already been tested. Unfortunately this contradicts the statement about never assuming a room is shielded. The problem here is that we do not have a location that is free from electromagnetic or sound energy to run the test. There is an enormous amount of energy in almost all environments because of wireless internet and cellular connectivity. 

In order to accomplish this test we must make use of non-digital systems and rely on the laws of physics such as electromagnetic radiation interacting with matter. A key tool that can be used for an experiment with electromagnetic radiation is a vacuum tube. Electromagnetic energy does not need a transmission medium and therefore using a vacuum will eliminate other energy types from interacting with matter in the tube. Setting up the experiment in a way that will cause the matter to react to a wave of a particular frequency will identify the frequency is present. Another early experiment used temperature or the expansion of a substance to identify different frequencies of electromagnetic energy.

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