How To Reverse Engineer Neurological Weapon Attacks

The difficulties detecting and reverse engineering neurological weapon attacks.



Remote brain-computer interface neuroweapons (RBCIN) were designed by the Intelligence Community to be used in warfare. These weapons are intended to be covert and most people do not even realize when they are victims. The military can use remote neuroweapons to change the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of an adversary causing them to make a mistake without their knowledge. The same can be done to everyday civilians to control their decision making regarding a political event. 

With that in mind, remember that even if you notice yourself being manipulated, reverse engineering covert military technology is extremely difficult. Even some opposing military intelligence agencies with large budgets cannot accomplish the task. 

Understand this technology requires knowledge of electromagnetism which is one potential communication mechanism used by RBCINs. Energy outside of the visible light spectrum cannot be seen or sensed. If it is used to communicate with your nervous system the human body does not have a natural defense or detection system.

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