Radar Systems

Radar systems are important to understand long-range neurological weapons. Tracking the target is required and at times is done in a covert manner. The energy tracking the target and interacting with the nervous system can still be detected with enough knowledge. The free course Radar: Introduction to Radar Systems is offered by Robert M. O'Donnell a former researcher at MIT Lincoln laboratory. Much of the information on this page was taken from his course.

Common Frequencies Used by Radar Systems

The below chart lists the most common frequencies for each type of radar system. These frequencies should be tested when trying to reverse engineer a long-range neurological weapon. This can identify how the weapon system is tracking the individual.

Radar Block Diagram

A radar consists of many different components. Below is a block diagram of a radar system.

Pulsed Radar

Radars send a pulse of energy for a certain time and then wait for a return signal. This continues in a cycle which is the pulse repetition frequency. The time a radar is actively sending a pulse is called the duty cycle. 

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